Sunday, September 30, 2012

Slovakia Love

Slovakia is a tiny country somewhere around the center of Europe and it's kind of gorgeous.
It looks something like this:

I absolutely love to travel and I must admit that I have seen more beautiful countries. But what makes Slovakia my most favorite piece of heaven is the fact that it is my home. Always, when I am returning to my hometown, there is this last curve on the road, after which I can clearly see this hill:

and I swear my heart starts to beat a little bit faster and the corners of my mouth go up. (It feels strange and I test it every time and every time the reaction is the same).

But I wasn't always such a 'Slovakophil'. When I was younger I was absolutely convinced that grass was greener on the other side and I couldn't wait to leave Slovakia behind. I spent my share of time in England, USA and Russia, but I always eagerly returned back home. In just a few years I realized, that no matter where I live, my life will be practically the same. In the morning I will wake up, eat breakfast, go to work, eat lunch, go shopping, cook dinner, tidy up, do some extracurricular activities, meet some friends, go to sleep, repeat. The only thing that can change are friends and extracurricular activities. And boy oh boy, are those perfect here in Slovakia. So instead of trying to decide where I am going to live and writing down pros and cons of London, New York, Moscow, Sydney, Paris or Taipei, I decided to stay here, where I was born and try to make the best of it. 

It is true that sometimes I despair of not having good sushi restaurant or new clothes stores or superb ballet performances or exciting festivals to choose from. But that is also the beauty of living here, in the center of Europe - everything is so close. It takes only two hours to get to Vienna or three hours to get to Budapest by car, and most of the European cities are only two hours away by plane. 
So I am going to dedicate a lot of my time to showing how amazing Slovakia can be. And when I'll get sick of it, I will pop out of the country, discover new exciting cities, and then I'll happily return back here. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

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my autumn wish list

1. black leather jacket 2. red Hunter wellies 3. cognac suede booties 4. ivory lace dress 5. grey jeans 6. cognac suede hat 7. red crossbody bag 8. black booties 9. Clinique moisturizer 10. white military coat