Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Life lessons learned

I have spent the last few days running around a little bit crazy, trying to "get done" everything before the big trip. But yesterday I got to calm down a little and I had an amazing chat with one of my guy friends. About life, love, marriage, expectations and men and women. While we were talking, I realized that I had to share this picture:

It really is that simple. :)

PS: The author is Jesse Cline.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Six years ago, on 16th of November 2006, this cute guy, whom I have absolutely and shamelessly friendzoned in the last few months, finally asked me: "So are we DATING or NOT?

Simple question but oh so difficult to answer! There was a HUGE number of cons. He was three years younger. I have just finished university. He was only in the second year of his. I was just starting my business in Slovakia. He was studying in Aberdeen in Scotland with four more years to go. I've just got my heart broken and shattered, few months ago. He never dated anyone before. And so on. 

But on the other hand - there was a serious BUT - I couldn't have imagined my life without him. 
So I did something nobody sane would do and I said - Yes. 
After that I went through horrible 24 hours when I was raging at myself and at my decision. But after that I calmed down and I decided to just go with it. 

And oh boy, was that an awesome decision! It didn't took me long to realize that I met my Mr.Right, the love of my life! And six years later, here we are. Still together and still very much in love. On our anniversary, we have this little tradition - we always go to the opera. Unfortunately my man is right now in Prague and I am alone at home. So I got this "little" box today with these beautiful flowers.

With a note - You have my whole heart for my whole life. I love you.

Lucky me :) 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Around this city or around MY city, Nitra, Slovakia

Few days ago, when the weather was especially nice and autumny, I decided to cut my work short (the perks of being self-employed :)) and I invited my man to a new Chocolaterie in our city. To enjoy one of the last warm days of this year, we took a little stroll by the river. Along the way, I snapped few photos.

 Our gorgeous castle / Roman-Gothic-Baroque church

 Duckies, yeaaay, exciting! Ehm..not?

This river path is perfect for running or rollerblading. Or just strolling with the love of your life, holding hands.

PS: The hot chocolate was delicious and chocolate bonbons (I LOVE the world bonbon, it exactly describes the feeling of eating one. You got that right, French! It is bon times two!) were yummy, especially the ones with chili - they had a serious kick to it! Unfortunately, no pictures. I can't restrain myself when I have food in front of me. And nobody wants to see an empty cup, right?
The Chocolaterie is called Guteva choco & cake

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A gorgeous new coat

A few months back I put together my autumn wish list. About three weeks ago I was browsing Victoria's Secret's online shop when I found out that the coat I dreamed about for years and years... (OK, only one year to be precise) was on sale. I had no other choice - I had to get it! (I also got this sweet lip-gloss called Minty Kiss, so I could get some serious discount!) It arrived yesterday and today I literally begged my man to take the pictures. 
It's fluffy, white, military, gorgeous and I can't wait for the winter to begin so I can wear it. Meanwhile I'll just wear my lip-gloss and annoy my man with minty kisses he can't rub off. 

Pants - H&M
Booties - HUMANIC