Thursday, November 15, 2012

Around this city or around MY city, Nitra, Slovakia

Few days ago, when the weather was especially nice and autumny, I decided to cut my work short (the perks of being self-employed :)) and I invited my man to a new Chocolaterie in our city. To enjoy one of the last warm days of this year, we took a little stroll by the river. Along the way, I snapped few photos.

 Our gorgeous castle / Roman-Gothic-Baroque church

 Duckies, yeaaay, exciting! Ehm..not?

This river path is perfect for running or rollerblading. Or just strolling with the love of your life, holding hands.

PS: The hot chocolate was delicious and chocolate bonbons (I LOVE the world bonbon, it exactly describes the feeling of eating one. You got that right, French! It is bon times two!) were yummy, especially the ones with chili - they had a serious kick to it! Unfortunately, no pictures. I can't restrain myself when I have food in front of me. And nobody wants to see an empty cup, right?
The Chocolaterie is called Guteva choco & cake

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