Thursday, April 4, 2013

Finishing the March Challenge

I did it. I DID IT! I ran EVERY SINGLE DAY in March! It wasn't easy. There were days when I was seriously doubting my decision. When I was cursing myself and calling myself a big idiot! But I ran anyway. And I found out that I could do it.
I ran in the horrible weather we were experiencing this March. When the wind was so strong it was biting my skin, when the snow was hitting my face and I had to run with my head down. When the snow was melting and my trainers and socks were soaking wet. The rain, the snow, the wind - I weathered it all. 
I ran with three hangovers. Even though I felt pretty terrible, I still ran.
I ran when I was feeling really under the weather and I was so sure I was going to be sick the next day. Well I ran anyway, and guess what - I wasn't sick the next day and I felt great.
I ran when I got a pretty nasty eye infection, I ran when I got my period. 
I ran when my knee started to hurt, I ran when my one foot bone was hurting with every step.
And I still ran.

And after a while even my dairy started to spell - I DID. I DID.
Yes, I wasn't able to ran at least 10 km at my Distance day. I wasn't able to shed the 2 cm of my hips and thighs or see the magical number 56 kg on the scale. BUT my body DID change. I can already see the end results. And I am faster and stronger. All in all I have to say it was an amazing, incredible experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
And I have already started on my April challenge. Run 25 days in April. :) See you next month.
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