Sunday, December 23, 2012

And all of the sudden - Vienna

Sometimes the weirdest things happen. Like on Thursday. We went to our "lovely" capital - Bratislava for Slovak - Taiwanese reunion. (That's not the weird part, yet. My man's parents lived in Taiwan for two years and he stayed there for two summers to study Chinese.) So we were on the list, we were greeted by Taiwanese ambassador and his wife and we ate and drink passable dinner (Dearest Hotel Devin, where did you get those four stars I have no idea.)
And afterwards with our two friends we decided that night was still young and we went to check out Bratislava's Christmas market. I had the best potato pancake in the EU - that was their advertisement and they weren't kidding, it was so delicious. I gobbled it so quickly I hadn't a chance to take a picture, so there is a generic picture from world wide web:

And all of the sudden Martin asks: "Do any one of you plan to go to Wien this Christmas? Cause I would like to get my parents Sacher torte as a present." And I am not 100% sure who said it, but it went like this: "Well, let's go now". And so... we went. One has to take into account the fact that Bratislava and Vienna are two capitals closest together in the world. And that means about 50 minutes by car.
First we managed to catch the last minutes of Christmas market in front of Rathaus (Town hall). My friends got the typical Austrian Gluhwein and Punsch while I, the designated driver, enjoyed my Jugendpunsch.
It was Frohe Weihnachten:

And then we went to the best place for everything sacher - Sacher Café. We bought several cakes to take home and also ate two pieces at the café. They're open till 1 am and if you ever come to Vienna, I recommend it wholeheartedly.

 Just yummy. :)

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