Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Wellness That Wasn't

Friday was a pretty big day. I was looking forward to it for about two or three months. With my choir, we had a pretty important concert at the Chateau Appony, the beautiful hotel with the best restaurant in Slovakia (I kid you not, that's what my man said after we had a dinner there and let's face it - we tried a lot of good restaurant here in Slovakia). The place is really gorgeous and even though I have been there many times I still    can't get over how beautiful it is. The last time we were there was just last Sunday for their Christmas market where we sang few Christmas carols for the people on the courtyard who were enjoying mulled wine or punch or hot chocolate (me - designated driver again).
But this Friday the concert was for 120 of "big cheese". It took place in the beautiful concert hall in front of a Christmas tree and we sang with the organ and string quintet pieces by Bartolluci, Rutter, Frisina, Bach and also Gregorian chant and, of course, Christmas carols.

It was perfect. The dinner afterwards was perfect.
BUT the main event for us, the choir, was supposed to be the whole night spent in the chateau's wellness. The Jacuzzi, Finnish, herb and steam saunas, the pool...and all of that with my best friends. It was supposed to be a dream in the last hectic days before Christmas.
But after 15 minutes in the wellness, one guy jumped into the pool, unfortunately hurt his nose and we were thrown out by the owner without having a chance to explain what happened. To say that we were upset, disappointed and mad is an understatement.
And I am still mad as hell!

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