Monday, January 21, 2013

The worst of days and the best of days

Today I got these puppies in the mail - the final gifts of this (last) year's Christmas. It's nice to stretch the Xmas season :) Two of them are my man's and one of them is mine. Aaaand of course it's the lemons one. 
And boy oh boy is life giving me lemons lately. Unfortunately, I'm not always able to see the funny side of it.
Today, I managed to be nice to - no one! As far as improving my own character goes, this day could be considered a huge step back. I was grumpy, grouchy and generally mean. And I know I have a large number of reasons to be grumpy, but does it really make it better?  And then I just feel even more miserable for being mean to people who don't deserve it.
But we'll see how tomorrow goes, maybe something will change. I have a big job interview tomorrow. It will actually be my FIRST real job interview. (The perks of being self-employed). The reason I was called on this thing by a headhunter is that they are looking for somebody with fluent English, fluent Russian and financial background. And obviously there isn't a lot of us. (Mind you, but my fluent Russian is more of a rusty Russian). So these last few weeks I tried to juggle my accounting firm, my e-shop with clothes AND I tried to dust my Russian in the evenings. No wonder I am exhausted and cranky. 
Well, wish me luck!

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