Tuesday, January 22, 2013


What happens when you have an interview in Russian and English, but only take time to learn economic lingo in Russian? Well, something like what happened to me today. When you start to speak English, you suddenly realize you have noooo idea how to say this or that in English and you sound like a moron. I sounded like a moron. But on the bright side, my Russian is excellent and that is even six years out of university and no chance of speaking the language with ANYBODY (really, people, one would think that as a part of Soviet block, you would speak Russian, but nooo... so much for the warm relations between the nations).
And thus, with a heavy heart, I have to say that I will not get the job. (I think, I have no feedback, yet). But anyway, I realized that I LOVE not having an employer. I love working, but also I love taking the day off for any different reasons from having a choir practice or being hangover or just lazy. So right now I am going to invest all my energy into my new business and I am going to sell the shit out of these dresses!

Hailey Logan by Adrianna Papell. Aren't they gorgeous?

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