Monday, May 13, 2013

5 Thing I Wish I Had Known 10 Years Ago - Running

You know that Eureka feeling you get when you figure out finally something for yourself and you are incredibly happy with the feeling "NOW, I KNOW!" I absolutely love those. But unfortunately afterwards I think to myself - I wish somebody have told me about this before.
This is my first edition of Things I  Wish I Had Known 10 Years Ago. This time about running.

1. The fastest and best way to lose weight? Running.
This is the most important advice I wish I've gotten years ago! Running is definitely the best fat-melting exercise and gives you gorgeous legs and butt, melts away that stinking love handles and floppy arms.

2. Run 10k. Run more.
I used to run three, four or maximum of five kilometers. And I thought I was doing the most I could. But then my man did his first 10k. And few months after that, when I was already running frequently, I decided to try it. Just to try it, mind you. If I felt exhausted or injured or couldn't go on, I would just stop. But I ran and ran and ran. It was amazing - I found out I could do it! 10km sounds incredibly daunting. But it is not. If you are a frequent runner, you should definitely try to run longer distances.

3. First km is the hardest.
When I leave the house, I already know how much I want to run. But no matter if I run intervals or distance, I found out that the hardest and laziest is my first km. I also found out that I can't give up and that it will eventually get easier.

4. Run intervals
Running long distances is OK, but there is nothing better for weight loss, flat belly and speed than intervals. Sprint as long and as fast as you can, then just walk it out. Repeat. My little trick when I feel unable to sprint anymore? - I start to pump my arms. Your arms move in opposition to your legs to keep you in balance. When you start to pump your arms, your legs will start to move faster.

5. Your biggest enemy is your brain
Your legs will move, you will make another step and another. It's your brain that will try to convince you you can't do it anymore. (Of course in the case when you are not injured!) There were times when I felt like I can't do it anymore, that I just wanted to stop, that I just wanted to go home. At the times like these I always force myself to think about something else. And then I realize that I have already run another km. My brain got distracted and my legs continued to move.

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