Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Golf in Prague

I really, really love Prague. But really - who doesn't? It's an amazing and beautiful city. Since we were Czechoslovakia few years back and we (the Slovak and the Czechs) understand each other, it doesn't feel like being abroad, just like being at home a little bit. We have few Slovak friends living over there and we (my man) found a new, great Czechs friends there (yeah, I know, what a surprise to have Czech friends living in Czech capital...) And that's why when we visit Prague, we never feel like tourists (I have seen Prague castle ONCE! A big shame!) I like to call our visits to Prague "gourmet journey". Because that's what we do, we gorge ourselves on the best food Prague has to offer.
We had some dim sum in COA (Cuisine of Asia):

some incredibly tasty steak tartar and steaks!!!! at El Toro:

and some really yummy and juice burgers at Yes burger:

I ordered the Tower burger (it's a big bacon one) because my friend told me that the bacon burger is small. And I got that monstrosity. But boy oh boy, was it delicious. The six of us (me, my man, our best friends-couple from Slovakia at whose place we stayed and another Czech couple - the new friends) devoured our burgers with a huge amounts of French fries, coleslaw, ketchup and tartar sauce and some Duff beers while watching Tin Cup. Tin Cup is pretty old movie with Kevin Costner about golf.
And that was the whole reason of us traveling to Prague this time - golf. (Not that gourmet journey and seeing our friends is not a good enough reason ;). When it comes to golf in Czechoslovakia, the golf people tried to make it even more elitist than it already is and they made up something called "the green card". If you want to play in Czech republic and Slovakia, you need to pass the test and exam and have a green card. It basically looks like this:

So we basically spent part of Friday, whole Saturday and Sunday on the green. I took few pictures and kept the players company and read a lot. (I finished two books - The Wheat Belly by William Davis and Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf. They are finally available in Slovak, but my most favorite "against all grains" book is still It Starts With Food by Hartwigs!! and still not available in Slovak - (I want it for my mom mostly).
I also learned ALL the golf rules and would probably pass the test but I am still successfully resisting the urging to play. The funny part was when the golf trainer assumed at the beginning that I would play too and when I refused to take the clubs, he simply leaned them on me. But I didn't want to play and thus I didn't want him to devote his time to me - someone who had no real wish to learn how to play golf. Unfortunately, it looked like I was being silly and spoiled. I tried to explain but I still felt foolish. And I still have no wish to play golf, I haven't a single competitive bone in my body and would find golf tedious and restless. Instead I would like to spend my energy on stuff I love like running, learning ballet or riding horses.
The weather was capricious (so was somebody's mood, I had seen clubs flying!).

The players with their trainer Tomáš (who is only 21! :) )

My handsome man.

The girl power! (Our Bára).

Once again, it was an amazing weekend in Prague. We had great time. Unfortunately, the cold reality was expecting me at home - I have a faulty bearing on the right front wheel of my Audi, there is going to be a control from Tax Office and Trade Register ((un)fortunately, the thing I had nothing to do with) and all the grains and sweet stuff I ate are already plastered all over my face. (To which my man said: you obviously do have a sensitivity and problem with grains. I would like to say: Well, duh. But I would also like to kick myself in the butt for being so stupid and weak and ALWAYS eating the unhealthy stuff). Well, never mind. I am back to Whole30, cooking healthy stuff (I can see pumpkins and apples in every future meal, yum, yum!) and I have other things to look forward to. Like tomorrow my parents are going to get a puppy - a first puppy for our whole family!! Yey, can't wait! And a little bit over a week I am going to visit my BFF in Ireland. (Another first - my first time in Ireland!)

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