Thursday, September 5, 2013

My autumn wishlist

Autumn is here and like every autumn I have this huuuge urge to make wish lists. So here are my currents obsessions:

1. Steve Madden Stockhlm Boots To say I have a mild obsession with these would be an understatement of the century. I've been eyeing them for few months now. Unfortunately, Steve Madden doesn't ship to Slovakia (which might have not been such a problem), but they don't accept any cards other than US or Canadian. AND they don't sell these anywhere BUT on stevemadden site. The more I can't have them, the more I want them! And when my man told me: it's just shoes, honey - he got the evilest eye ever. 'nuff said. 2. Michael Kors Watch Let's just say I have only a silver watch and thus I have to eschew golden accessories. With these I wouldn't face this problem. (Yeah, to have my problems... ;) ) 3. Peter Watson's Great Divide Yes, there is a book on this list. Yes, it is nonfiction. Yes, I want it bad. 4. VS Suede Pumps I don't even know how many times I searched for gray suede pumps on amazon. And all of a sudden Victoria's Secret has them. Another reason to love them. (Not that I need any more of those :) ) 5. Ice Skates There is a new ice rink in Nitra and I MUST get a chance to skate this year. And since the last pair of ice skates I bought are in Moscow, I need a new ones. 6. Cable sweater Red, navy blue or dove-gray - it doesn't matter, I want me some cable knit sweater this autumn. 7. Belt I need me some serious belts! - since I lost the belly fat ALL my belts are useless and this one is called Valkyrie (the name of my first car) so it's very fitting. 8. Navy bracelets The most amazing Kiel James Patrick merchandise to remember the summer in the dreary winter months. They are all SO gorgeous. 9. Espresso cups Finally, we have a great espresso machine and the best coffee in Slovakia I could find. And now I really want some beautiful espresso cups, too. These come in many different colors and I am going to buy them all next week in Prague. Jupiii. 10. Apron Yep, it's an apron. And with tour eiffels. With the amount of cooking I am doing these last few months, I think I deserve to be pretty in the kitchen. 

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