Friday, September 20, 2013

Mushroom picking

Yesterday I got a call from my man asking if we wanted to go mushroom picking with his friends. I said why not? The weather was Okeyish, it wasn't too muddy or cold, and the forest we went to wasn't very far. And although I didn't want to get my hopes up, I was pleasantly surprised. After two hours of traipsing through the forest my basket was full and even the sun decided to show up just before setting. I begged my man to drive me to my parents to show and share some of the mushrooms (at the end they didn't want any). But the views while we drove to their house were amazing. I smiled like an idiot while thinking to myself: "I love this city". (I think I love this city the more, the more the possibility of us having to move looms over us :( )
And thus I had scrambled eggs with mushrooms for dinner, breakfast and dinner. But alas, there are no more.

I had only my HTC (or as I like to call it "C" - cause letters HT are gone) to take the pictures. The beautiful navy espresso cup is from Butlers - I finally got them in Prague in six colors - yellow, orange, red, turquoise, navy and lime-green. They are sooo gorgeous and always cheer me up! And the weird things on the last picture are bell peppers spread with bio liver pate (well, I have to improvise since we don't eat bread).

And the last - last picture are my two money guzzling beasts: silver Valkyrie and black Audina (funnily enough they are both "girls"). And THIS girl is thinking about getting rid of them and purchasing something small and CHEAP! And then I am thinking about next shopping trip to IKEA or just another trip to Prague with golf gear and realizing why I bought combi in the first place.... Somebody in this family HAS to have a big car and it's not going to be my man who has no interest in the cars the way I do. (I looove cars and driving, I could and I DO it every day even though it would be cheaper to ride a bike or take a bus to my workplace!!! My man has a small, red, 10 year old Yaris with only 50000km under the hood he inherited from his grandfather who can't drive anymore. And even though his friends make fun of him for his girlfriend having a better car, he likes his Ultimate City Mobile - UCM as he likes to call it and has no urge to compensate...)

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