Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Romantic weekend with my ... brother?

Few weeks ago my man arranged a romantic Valentines weekend getaway in the Tatry mountains. Three days of (not only) skiing, spa and great food. But, we have this saying in Slovakia: "Človek mieni, pán Boh mení" as in "We may make our plans, but God has the last word." and unfortunately, my boyfriend got stuck in Frankfurt because his dad is sick. Well, what to do? I was in no mood for romance without him. It was too late to cancel, most of my girlfriends are living out of town or are married or in a relationship. And then I remembered my brother. Recently single and heartbroken and brooding over his breakup. What better way to cheer him up? So I invited him along. We decided to spent two days without thinking about work and doing what we, the Slovaks, do best: drink, eat and relax at spa.

Lomnický peak at High Tatras
I got the short stick in our family

Doing nothing... my favorite

When we checked in with our IDs, I realized that with our same surname, it looked like we were married. LOL. And we had this waiting for us in the room:

How about NO?

But spa was amazing. Well, let's face, it was freezing outside, February is the start of my busiest season at work and I didn't have to work for one weekend and I've just had Pina Colada. Of course, I felt amazing. 

Spa... Oh yeah! Chipping away my reading list.

Later, we decided to check out the disco scene in Tatras. I absolutely adore Humno bar in Tatranska Lomnica. If you ever decide to go to High Tatras, you definitely have to check this place out. They have the best burgers ever! And they have this little weird thing going on - there is Cadillac Escalade hanging from the ceiling about the dance-floor. I have NO idea why. 

At Humno bar... with Cadillac Escalade hanging from the ceiling behind us.

Even though it looks like that it was just us, we had our fantastic friends with us - they weren't couple either, so at the end the romantic weekend was just a long party.
If you are ever in Slovakia for skiing or spa, you should check out Grandhotel in Stary Smokovec

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