Monday, February 25, 2013

Chocolate - maroon cake (a.k.a. hidden chocolate souffle)

When somebody asks me what kind of cake I want for my birthday? My answer is definitely going to be - chocolate cake with chocolate filling and with chocolate frosting. When we changed our diet into paleo diet, I loved the fact that the chocolate stayed. Of course it was minus sugar, but in my book chocolate is CHOCOLATE,  it doesn't matter what kind. We are very good (or at least we pretend to be, HA HA) with our minus sugar diet. But after our botched Valentines day, I decided to be a little bit naughty and skip our paleo diet for one day and treat ourselves to this amazing yummy miracle. Why miracle? Because this cake comes incredibly close to a chocolate souffle without all the mess of a chocolate souffle. (I am still trying to get over the fact that my man loves chocolate souffle more than me. His own words. If he should pick between me and chocolate souffle.... Yeah, you guessed right. But sometimes I ain't even mad. I mean - it's chocolate. And I'm lucky nobody asked ME what would I pick...)
Originally, it is recipe from Gordon Ramsay's cookbook but obviously it is not his recipe, but someone's named Hugh. Well, thank you Gordon, thank you Hugh, this is MY version of Chocolate-maroon cake.
Lets start.
1. Go for a run. Best choice would be interval running for about 5 km. To alleviate the guilt, of course.
2. Assemble the ingredients:

250 g of chocolate
250 g of butter
250 g of maroon (paste)
125 ml whole milk
125 ml cream
4 big eggs, separated into yolk and white
125 g white sugar
3. Preheat your oven to 170oC. Grease with butter and line cake pan with baking paper.
4. Prepare your hot water bath ,i.e. put a little bit of water into a pot and find a bigger nonmelting bowl to put it on the pot. Break chocolate into pieces. Wash your hands ruefully, because you realize that to start licking your hands at this stage of cooking would be just ridiculous. Add butter. Think to yourself - wow, that's a looot of butter. Slowly melt.

5. Put milk, cream and maroons  into another pot and melt. Thank your neighbors, the Hungarians, for providing this ready-made frozen maroon paste. Start thinking why there is obviously no Slovak producer of frozen maroons and if you should start a new business with producing frozen maroon paste.... Nah...Dismiss.
6. Separate your two home-produced eggs. In your mind, thank your parents for the eggs. Start wondering if their tomcat is doing better and if you should call them to find out. Wake up from your daydreaming and go back to cooking. Decide to exchange the remaining two store-bought eggs for the last two home-produced eggs, when you see how pathetic they look. Decide to have the store-bought ones for breakfast tomorrow rather than to screw up your chocolate heaven cake.
7. Weight the sugar. Realize that that is a looot of sugar. Remember the BBC Addicted to Pleasure series, part about Sugar. Recommend it to everyone. Add yolks and whip it together.

Yellow goodness!

8. Add maroon mixture. Go and find a bigger bowl. Wonder how is it possible that you finished university and have a successful business when you can't even predict the size of a bowl you'll need.
9. Add chocolate mixture (in your bigger bowl).
10. Whip your whites. Slowly and carefully mix into the batter. Ta da!

Sloooowly mixing together

11. Pour into the cake pan, put into oven and wait. Officially, it should take 30 minutes. 30 minutes, my ass! The last time, I cooked it for 90 minutes! So just be patient and watch it with your toothpick ready. This time it took only one hour. (Happy dance.)

Like Kalahari desert - if it had a toothpicky hole

12. Go and take that shower. HA HA. Just kidding.You already took shower ages ago. You wouldn't cook all smelly and sweaty.
13. Enjoy the chocolaty smell in the whole house. And taste. Add whipped cream. Or mascarpone. Or whatever floats your boat.

Chocolate heaven

Eat me! Eat me! Eat me!

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