Saturday, October 12, 2013

Autumn Walk

Today the weather was exceptional as noted by my man as he was hanging the laundry (yeah, lucky me, he voted that part of laundry as his chore :) ) so we decided to go out. Since I cooked lunch (Paleo zucchini quiche), baked a cake (Paleo brownies) and we have excellent espresso at home, we were unable to make any other plans like - go for a lunch, or go for a coffee/cake and decided just to take a stroll. The walk was for me a bit nostalgic. It is getting worse here in Slovakia for people trying to run their business (us) and we are once again reconsidering the notion of moving to Bratislava, Prague or Vienna. But I am not sure what to do with my business and if, after all, I want my children to grow up as little "Pražáci" (since Prague is the most probable place we'll move to if we have to). I love this city and I love that I have my family, friends, choir and ballet here. But (and that's the problem) - but will a better life await us elsewhere?

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