Sunday, November 3, 2013

All Saint's Day

Forget Halloween. Forget masks. Forget candies. The end of October and the beginning of November here, in Slovakia, is all about remembering the people who passed away. 1st of November is All Saint's Day and 2nd of November is Remembrance Day of the Dead. So for us it means cemetery, chrysanthemums, candles and prayers. And it looks something like this during the day:


And something like this in the evening:

My bf's dad passed away this June after a long battle with cancer so this year's Remembrance Day was especially poignant. I think it's a beautiful tradition and it's nice that people take great care to visit their loved ones who passed away as can be seen by increased traffic in the country and the fact that only few graves are not adorned with flowers and candles.
Reading: Louisa May Alcott - Little Women, A Very Short Introduction to The Vikings

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