Friday, November 1, 2013

Puppy Love

Few weeks ago my mom brought a cutest little puppy as a gift for my dad's birthday. Adorable chocolate colored Labrador with blue eyes we decided to call Denny. It's our family's first dog ever. We lived in an apartment my whole life and only recently my parents built a house. The first pet was a tomcat Murko who is now a very spoiled twoyear-old. And now they decided to take on a dog - or a fourth child as we like to call him (after my brother, me and Murko). And ooops, all of a sudden, my parents have a child to train and bring up (the first three "children" were never properly brought up, as my mom likes to say - we brought up us ourselves). :)

But there is a member of our family who is definitely NOT excited about Denny.


Tired after a long day of running, jumping, licking, eating and biting.

This was my chance to FINALLY pet Denny without being jumped on and bitten. As soon as I stopped petting him, he woke up and looked at me with those incredibly sad eyes saying: "Go on, what are you waiting for, pet me!"

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