Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekend in High Tatras

Lucky me and my boyfriend just got a free weekend in our beautiful mountains, High Tatras (and by our I mean Slovakian, not that I have my own mountains). Well, lucky for us, unlucky for my brother who broke up this week with his girlfriend and got stuck with a paid trip to a romantic wellness and spa hotel with no one to go with. Soooo, he decided to gift the trip to us. I know, I have an amazing brother! (His girlfriend was a married lady and it was obviously going nowhere so I have mixed feeling about his break-up but mostly I am glad (hm..sad?). Sucks to say it out loud, but it's the truth.) Since our anniversary (7th) is just around the corner, we decided to make it the most romantic trip ever and thoroughly enjoy it. It was strange to go to the Tatras in November. We usually go in the summer for hiking or in the winter for skiing. But the hiking trails close on November 1st and there was no snow yet. The weather was likewise nor here nor there. It was sunny one moment and foggy next.

First things first- golf. Since the weather was perfect we stopped at the golf club so my man could hone his skills on driving range and I could grab a quick lunch and enjoy the view. (Still no desire to play golf).

But the sun was quickly setting so we went up to the mountains and checked in to the hotel and jumped into an outdoor infinity pool with starry sky above us.

The next morning it was still sunny and we went to take a walk.

Our hotel from afar.

Surprise, surprise - empty pool just for ME! :)

Someone decided to join me. :) We stayed a while  (the weather got uglyyy) and then we drove to another hotel to enjoy the best food in the best restaurant in Slovakia in Wellness Hotel Borovica (where we stayed in the summer).

Yuuuum, food! The Grand Hotel Praha where we stayed is really nice, but (and I am sorry to say this since this trip was a gift) it has nothing on Hotel Borovica.
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