Thursday, October 24, 2013

ER suddenly

So yesterday was a pretty neat day. I finished my work, did some shopping, brought my boots to repair shop, drove my mom home, and after coming home I fixed myself some lunch, played the piano, put turkey in the oven and went for a quick run. Afterwards my plans were - finish the dinner, blog about my stay in Ireland, study Italian and get my ass over to my friend's house for a little party. So much for my plans...
Unfortunately, the last km of my 5k run my hands were starting to get a little bit itchy. I popped in the shower, took some antihistamine Claritin and started to fix butternut squash for the dinner. But I realized that my itching was not getting away, but it was getting worse. My face was all red from the running, but I started to get red splotches and rash all over my abdomen, back, neck and neckline, too and my esophagus was really hurting. I wasn't chocking or anything but I am severely allergic to penicillin and I didn't want to take my chances with anaphylactic shock so off we went to the ER. I got two shots of anti-allergy medications (and obviously according to the doctor I was very close to a shock and few minutes before that I didn't even want to go inside cause I was afraid of being overzealous and that they'll laugh me out of there) and spend an hour in the bed with IV in my arm and being bored out of my mind while I was getting "nicely pale" (as my nurse called it). The most possible culprit of my allergy attack were pumpkin seeds I got from the market that day and probably it was exercise-induced, too. Yeah, lucky me. Otherwise there was nothing new or different I ate and considering it was my second day of my second Whole30 I ate no known allergens other than nuts  & seeds. But we'll see next week when I'll go to get my allergies tested.
So I have no pictures of yesterday's ordeal but here's a sneak peek of my time in Ireland:

Reading: Robert Louis Stevenson - The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, A Very Short Introduction to Design.

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