Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Little Things

Life's made up of little things. Like a cup of espresso or a once-a-month delivered magazine from UK. Or the everyday moments with the love of my life. We were in the kitchen talking and laughing while my man was grinding the coffee beans for the fresh coffee. We were excited about the cakes my mom sent us and contemplating when I am going to cook us vanilla pudding (next hour or next five minutes?) At that moment I realized how happy I am with this guy. And how much I appreciate that he is mine. Last night he woke me up from my nightmare (creepy little ghost-girl) and hugged me and was willing to fall asleep with me in his arms (we never do this). Yesterday he listened to my why-the-f***-is-everybody-asking-me-when-I-am-getting-married-and-having-children rant. (Seriously, people, you need to back off! and stop asking me this three times a day, every day!) And even after seven years I love him more and more. How amazing is that?

(We have amazing espresso machine but for the purpose of grinding the coffee I discovered this long-forgotten coffee mill in our kitchen that I swear is from the communism era 30 years ago that still works perfectly. When my parents found out that we use it they had quite a laugh about it. But if it's not broke...)
Reading: John Steinbeck - Of Mice and Men, A Very Short Introduction to The First World War

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