Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sunny Ireland

What a girl's gotta do when she finishes her VAT declarations and all of sudden has a few free days? She jumps on a plane to Ireland to visit her BFF who has been living in Kilkenny, Ireland for the last seven years. And since I obviously have a terrific (or terrible) planning skills, the said BFF is currently eight months pregnant with her first baby, so the visit was pretty mellow and unhurried. We talked a lot, we ate a lot (that would be me) and drank a lot (yep, still me). The best long weekend a girl could wish for.

Somebody's looking so gorgeous! I can't wait for this baby girl to be born. She has no idea how loved she's gonna be. :)

 Yep, I wasn't kidding about the drinking part.

And the food.... we went to the local Thai restaurant called Yindees. Can't recommend it enough, I had pork ribs as starter and prawns as a main dish (I go crazy for seafood and it's no wonder, you can't get more continental than the middle of Continental Europe - Slovakia, so no delicious seafood here for me to eat. :( And as I like to say: I am on a seafood diet - I see food and I eat it. But I would LOVE to eat real seafood everyday!)

The funny thing was that obviously it rains in Ireland A LOT. Obviously I came at a time when there were full five days of sunny weather. I know, lucky me. :)

Kilkenny is a gorgeous little town with one fairytale-like castle and full of beautiful historical buildings and with some really nice people living there (I mean besides my BFF, of course!). ....And of course....the food.

Here I am in the local pub-restaurant Langtons watching the finale of hurling (apparently an Irish national sport I've sadly never heard about before) and enjoying incredibly decadent Baileys and ice cream gateau with butterscotch sauce.

The last day of my trip we just spent lazying around and saving our energy for the last delicious dinner at the Ripley's Steak House. And let's end this Irish adventure with somewise words: "Vegetarianism is a big missed steak". Amen.
Reading: Nathaniel Hawthorne - The Scarlet Letter

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